Are creative photo frames divided into several types

- Apr 03, 2018 -

Are creative photo frames divided into several types?

The photo frame is a common decoration in the home. We use it to frame memories and taste beautiful. You can make your own photo frame yourself. Recommended 11 creative photo frames, you need to prepare a lot of materials and tools, you can prepare according to their needs, such as the pattern of silk ribbons, paper cups, paper tray, double-sided adhesive, twine, corrugated paper, wood, pushpin, ordinary wooden Photo frames, color paper jams, staplers, and more.

Creative photo frame

Creative photo frame

1. Golden photo frame

The materials you need to prepare are cardboard, beads, glue, and pigments. Ordinary photo frame painted gold, or with beads on the traditional wooden photo frame sticking abstract texture or figurative design, smeared with gold, can be made of a more personality golden photo frame.

2. Fun Paper Cup Photo Frame

Cut the paper cups, horizontally cut into strips and paste them into a circular frame along the paper tray. When sticking, be careful to ensure that the mouth is small, so as to make the photos inside look more interesting.

3. Wooden photo frame

Photo frames made by splicing wood bars are easy and casual. The required materials are various wood scraps, glue guns, cardboard, etc. The wooden strips are cut to size and glued to the correspondingly sized cardboard (you can also use a wood back panel).

4. Fresh branch photo frame

Use the fresh shoots that have been discarded when pruning the plants, cut them into equal lengths, tie them with fine twine, paste them around the corrugated paper as a border, and paste the photos you like.

5. Coil photo frame

Materials that need to be prepared include plastic foam boards, cardboard, lines, pushpins, etc. Cut the plastic foam board into a circle and fix it on the cardboard. The foam board is relatively light, and it can be made into a photo frame attached to the wall or hung up, and then the wire is tightly wrapped around and fixed with a thumbtack. This frame can create a sense of continuity.

6. Thumbnail Frames Pin the pushpins on the cardboard frame in a regular arrangement. Once it is complete, use thumbtacks to pave the gaps to form a heavy metal sensation. Note that try to select a backboard with a certain thickness so as to avoid damage caused by penetration of the thumbtack.

7. Moroccan style photo frame

Materials that need to be prepared include buttons, beads, pebbles, and paper clay. Stick the paper clay into strips and stick it to an ordinary picture frame. When the quilt is not dry, stick buttons, beads, and other decorations. Make the size of the clay to line up and select different colors. If you want to color, you need to wait for the paper clay to dry before proceeding.

8. Dry branch photo frame

The materials to be prepared include dry sticks, glue, hemp rope, corrugated paper, and wood boards.

The dried branches are broken and arranged on the backboard in different lengths. The inner edges will be neatly arranged and evenly affixed to the wooden frame. It is also possible to organize the sawn branches into bundles, bundle them with hemp ropes and stick them around the corrugated cardboard, and change them to a natural picture frame.

9. Twine Sun Photo Frame

Cut a piece of circular board in the size you like and dig the middle part. Cut the hemp rope into the appropriate length and wrap it in order on the board. Finally, a round wooden board is nailed on the back and the photo is attached.

10. Pixel Photo Frame

Materials that need to be prepared include rags, glue guns, cardboard, etc. The discarded black-and-white striped T-shirts were cut into narrow and even stripes, and the strips were wrapped in a cross weave on the cardboard. The fabric is best to choose two-color or with a pattern, because the color layer made by the monochrome fabric is not prominent.

11. White cotton frame

The materials you need to prepare are white cotton ropes, wooden frames, etc. First, the wooden strips were cut into 4 pieces of wooden blocks with beveled corners. Then they were spliced into a wooden photo frame, and 4 corners were fixed with glue and wood chips on the back. The cotton rope is coiled up and circling, and the various size disc buckles are made to stick to the wooden frame, and several disc buckles can be freely suspended below to increase the dynamic feeling.


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