Decorative plastic picture frame embellishment

- Jan 10, 2018 -

You may be tired of seeing that decoration often, that bland plastic picture frame in your home. Or you may want to give someone an extra special gift that will be mistaken for the seemingly ordinary thing. Whatever your reason, decorative steel frames are for anyone to enjoy, regardless of artistic tendencies or even their finances. So, if you have a free day, do some simple embellishment with plastic picture frames.

1, determine what material you like to use. The beauty of plastic picture frame embellishment is that you can use almost anything you like: ribbons, buttons, pebbles, and so on. Just make sure you have these basic equipment: flat steel picture frames, decorative materials, glue (can also be cloth, double-sided tape or glue).

2, choose your theme. This is actually a matter of determining which material to use, first choose which theme you like. For example, like beach plastic picture frame? Then choose a "marine theme" plastic picture frame. You can use blue paint, baby shells and pebbles on this specific theme.

3, plan your pattern. Although you do not have to strictly adhere to a pattern while decorating it, it still has what you want your plastic photo frame to look exactly like, at least to show its basic idea. Remember, the materials you will use.

4, to protect your space. Frame embellishment is messy work, so make sure you pad the newspaper in your work space and your floor will not be dropped with hot glue or paint.

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