How to classify photo frames and photo albums?

- Aug 06, 2018 -

How to classify photo frames and photo albums?
Traditional handmade photo album
Production process: The photo is pre-paid, and then the physical method (that is, glued) is used to fix the photo on the photo album page. The edge of the photo album will have gold or silver metal edging!
1. Non-full-full album: It is a large photo album, such as: "18-inch photo album, 18-inch silk photo, 18-inch oil painting photo, 18-inch crystal photo, 18-inch leather photo One, 18-inch art design combination of 16 "refers to four photos in this album are full version of the photo, the remaining 16 are a combination of small photos!
2. Full version of the album: the photos in the album are full version (nonsense!) No small photos!
3. Full-page version of the page without a seam album: The photos in the album are seamlessly spread! For example: 18-inch photo album: a 18-photo album size is 18 * 12-inch, then a folio page is 18 * 24-inch, this album is a 24-inch photo, glued on two pages, forming a facing page ! The middle is seamless!
One-piece photo album
One-piece photo album is a technological innovation in the production of photo albums in the past two years. The production process: production line, through UV liquid oily film, glue, flattening, indentation, pressing, cutting, edging, bronzing, skinning full set The production line has dozens of processes, and after dozens of large machines, the perfect top album is produced!

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