How to hang a photo frame on the wall How to hang a photo frame on the wall

- Sep 15, 2018 -

How to hang a photo frame on the wall How to hang a photo frame on the wall

1. There is a way to use the non-marking hook. There are two kinds of hooks. The more commonly used ones are nails. There are 4 very small steel nails on the hook head. If you don't want it, just take the plastic net piece. It's ok, the steel needle can hit the wall, and almost no traces are visible outside. Another type is stuck with tape. The common one is “3M non-marking hook”, which is different from the hook that is usually stuck on the wall. It will not leave marks on the wall when removed. If there is a ceiling in the room, you can hang a thin wire from the ceiling to hang photos or paintings, and the museum usually does the same.

2. Nowadays, many photo wall photo frames are usually equipped with some basic mounting accessories, so you don't need to worry too much about such problems. No need to install the blue-butyl rubber that does not damage the wall surface, no need to worry about environmental pollution, generally can be used in ordinary latex paint, wall.

How to hang the photo frame without hooks on the wall. I have several ten-inch photos, all of which are glass frames. There are only brackets and no hooks. How do I hang them on the wall? anxious. If your home wall is smooth enough, you can go to the supermarket grocery area to find 3M company's non-marking hooks, one piece sticking to the wall, one piece of sticky photo frame, two pieces can be overlapped, it is convenient to take off, pull down the rubber strip, wall surface Lossless. But the price is not cheap. Use a non-marking glue to glue the glass.

How the photo frame hangs on the wall without damaging the wall. I don't know if there is any way to hang the photo frame on the wall without destroying the wall. The main thing is that it can be taken down after not fixing it on the wall. As a result, the person just walked away and my wedding photo was hung on the wall of the bed. Who would I want? Supreme can help, just that is his 2 mobile phone rang! My wife is alone at home. You can go to the painting line to buy a special hook. I don't know what it is. It consists of several small steel needles. It will not break the wall when it is nailed into the wall. If it is not used, it will be removed and will only remain on the wall. The next few small holes are very convenient and not expensive. The weight of the bearing is different. You can choose the hooks of different sizes. When not in use, you can try it. It will be easy to remove the wall without nailing the wall. There will only be a few small holes left in the wall. All the photos in my house are used to hang it. What is it? I don’t know if you can go to the painting line to buy a special hook. It consists of several small steel needles. Not expensive. Install a hanging mirror line and use a small hook to solve the problem. Stick it.

I don't want to order the wall to hang the photo frame on the wall. First of all, double-sided tape is definitely not supported, and can only be fixed in the short term.

If you don't nail the nails, you can only use glue. For small paintings, you can fix them with hot melt adhesive or nail-free glue. Be careful not to get close to the edge of the frame strip when you are glued, so as not to expose the pressure to the side. , affecting the overall beauty.

If it is a large painting, you must use a nail. If you don't understand it yet, you can click on my name to leave a message or add me Q.

There is no way, you must nail to be stable. You can use it, blue-butyl rubber, even if you change the position of the frame later, you can also do it without any good quality. Use double-sided adhesive hooks.

How to fix the photo frame to the wall. How to fix the photo frame on the wall, but do not want to destroy the wall, it is difficult to see if you want to drill the hole. Destructive small dots on the wall. Double-sided tape

If your photo frame is not very large in size and quality, you can use the double-sided tape to fix the photo frame to the wall by sticking one side of the double-sided tape to the back of the photo frame and adjusting the position on the wall. Simply press the photo frame on the wall and pay attention to clean the wall before use.

Super glue

Super glue is also suitable for photo frames with small volume and quality. The method is to apply super glue on the back of the photo frame and then directly attach it to the wall. Note that the super glue can't touch the eyes and mouth, and it can be used immediately. Washing with plenty of water is not suitable for children to come into contact with.

Ordinary hook

The use of hooks to fix the photo frame is a very common way of fixing. The advantage is better than that it is convenient to take it off and replace it, or it is very convenient to clean. The hook also has a self-adhesive hook and a suction cup hook. All >> The new home is finished, hanging some photo frames on the wall, presumably a lot of friends have had experience.

Due to the difference in wall and nail materials, there are often two embarrassing situations:

1, the wall is too hard, the nail is bent, but still not fixed to the wall

2, the wall putty and the brush layer are too soft, the nails fall off after the nails are nailed in

I suggest that friends can go to the hardware store, IKEA, Taobao to buy no trace nails (invisible nails), go to Baidu search to see the picture, the hook material is basically hard plastic (specifically, what material does not know), shape Different sizes, easy to use.

In addition, if the photo frame is too large and heavy, it is recommended to use a hammer drill or a hammer to open the hole and add the expansion screw to fix it. However, before the wall is punched, it is best to use the instrument to test, or ask the wires under the wall of the hydropower worker. metal,. All>>Use that kind of plastic sucker is the kind of kitchen that has the convenience of hanging things. It is very convenient to press on the wall when you don't use it. Don't press it haha. You can use double-sided tape, that is, it will not destroy. Wall, it will not be ugly to take off... Double-sided tape is convenient and simple


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