How to put together a nice picture frames

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Then the combination of frames in the end how to put in order to have a high value? Here are two simple ways:

(1) use of seamless hook
There are two kinds of traceless hooks, one is a nail, the other is glued. The former has four small steel nails on the head, if you do not want to remove the parts, the steel needle can penetrate into the wall and almost can not see traces from the outside. The latter is made of glue Way to hang, this hang law will not leave traces on the wall. If the house is made of ceiling, it can be suspended from the inside of the ceiling wire, the combination of hanging frame is also a very good choice.

(2) no trace nail hanging
Now a lot of combination of frames will be equipped with the corresponding parts, so do not worry when installing, as long as follow the instructions of the process to go. No nail nails is a special tool for the photo wall, that is, even if it is more than enough to use the wedding photo frame hanging wood frame. As long as there is this effective assistant, the combination of photo frame installation where you want to put placed a trace of nailless nail hanging photos can be.

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