Learn photography, you need to know these 10 photography knowledge! (next)

- Aug 12, 2018 -

Learn photography, you need to know these 10 photography knowledge! (next)
Six, composition
Although many people now say "how to look good, how to shoot, do not have to take care of the composition", but still can not ignore the role of composition. Especially the basic composition skills, this is the foundation of the composition, no matter how you want to shoot later, you need these basic composition techniques to support. Here are some of the most basic composition methods to help you consolidate your foundation.
1 9-square grid diagram
At the time of composition, the horizontal and vertical directions of the picture are divided into three parts. At the intersection of each line, we call it the "fun center". When we are enjoying or looking at a photo, the first thing the eye notices is the "fun center", so try to arrange the subject you are shooting in the fun center when taking pictures.
2 diagonal composition
Diagonal composition is very flexible, whether it is landscape photography or portrait photography, diagonal composition is used more. Diagonal composition can attract the viewer's attention, pull the audience to see the complete picture, and also make the picture flexible.
3 centered composition
The center composition is very simple, that is, the main body is placed in the middle of the picture. Although this composition is very rigid, nothing new. However, this kind of composition is very useful when shooting buildings or small objects. For many newcomers who do not compose pictures, center composition is the most secure method of composition.
4 frame composition
Framed composition can create a sense of obscuration and effectively focus on the viewer's line of sight. In addition, the viewer can also feel the photographer's viewpoint, thus helping the viewer and the photographer to have a common experience with the scene being photographed. Frame composition is not only the use of windows, there are many objects in life.
Seven, use light
It is said that photography is an art of using light. The use of light is both a basic skill and an important part of the level of photographers. Next, let's talk about the techniques of using light.
1 Shunguang
Shunguang is the direction in which the light is directed or in the same direction as the camera, and there is no obvious relationship between the composition of the screen. The smoothness of the subject is even and soft. However, the photos taken by Shunguang are very common, resulting in a lack of three-dimensional and plastic shape. Shunguang can perform well in the form and color of the subject being photographed. If you are not very accurate about using light, then it is recommended that you try to shoot with the light.
2 side light
Any light that is taken from the left and right sides of the object at a 45-90 degree angle can be generically referred to as sidelight. The sidelights are ever-changing, as long as you change the angle of the light source slightly during shooting, you can create a completely different effect for the entire photo, adding drama.
3 backlight
From the light ratio, the subject and the background are in the dark or 2/3 in the dark, so the light between the light and the dark is large, and the contrast is strong. In terms of light efficiency, backlighting produces contoured light on opaque objects; transmitted light on transparent or translucent objects; and scintillation light on liquid or water surfaces. It allows the picture to produce an artistic effect that is completely different from the actual light we see on the spot.
4 top light
The light that is directed downward from the top of the subject, in the outdoors, the time when the top light is most often encountered is about 11 am to 3 pm. Shooting under the top light, the person's nose and the neck are prone to shadows, which are not very good looking.
Eight, prime time
It is often asked that the time is the best time to take pictures. In fact, there is no such thing as "the best time to take pictures", because pictures of different styles can be taken at any time of the day. However, there is a saying that "golden photo time", the golden photo time refers to one hour before sunrise and sunset. At this time the sun has just risen or is about to fall, and the light is very soft at this time, which is very suitable for taking pictures.
Nine, eliminate the shadow
If the shadow is used to enhance the stereoscopic effect of the photo, if it is not used well, the picture will become very uncoordinated. Especially when shooting portraits, if there are too many shadows, "yin and yang face" will appear. Therefore, when shooting portraits, you can use the flash or reflector to fill the dark part of the character.
Ten, improve aesthetics
Photography skills can be taught by others, but aesthetics can't be taught by others. This requires you to constantly improve in your life. Aesthetics is also the most difficult for you. Many people have studied photography for a few years and they are still arrogant. The problem lies in aesthetics. It is recommended that everyone learn more about photography while learning photography, and learn their creativity, beauty and so on.

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