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- Jan 10, 2018 -

Photo frame: (frame), similar to a square, empty inside, blank place just put common photos. It is mainly used for photo positioning on the four sides, and to enhance its aesthetics. Also conducive to the protection of the quality of photos, like with a glass photo frame, you can prevent anti-yellowing and so on. There are many categories of categories now:

Wooden photo frame category

Made with a variety of wood, commonly used Paulownia, white wood, Phoebe and so on. The company is located in:

Wooden frame structure is mainly for the middle of the wooden core, the outer surface of about 1-2 cm of gypsum film extrusion, so as to facilitate the coloring of the surface of the frame. The color is mainly divided into gold, silver, black, white several. The company is located in:

The main purpose of wooden frame is 2 kinds:

1. To do decorative materials such as ceiling decorative materials can be taken corner edge of the wall material joints. Wall can also be surrounded by windows and doors. The company is located in:

2. To do the packaging of goods, such as paintings of the works of the borders of the border photo frame and so on a wide range of uses.

Plastic photo frame

It is an organic matter. Small weight, so you can make a large photo frame, easy to carry. Also known as the PS picture frame material, it is a kind of frame material which is heated and molded with PS filler at high temperature and then attached with film on the surface. This material is light, toughness, good strength, less prone to break when the transport must be carefully broken.

Resin photo frame

Resin photo frame resin as the main raw material, is a non-toxic environment-friendly chemical raw materials. The finished product has the strength of metal, also known as FRP. In the production of resin was liquid raw materials, has a very good flow of easy molding, is the only available on the market today can produce high-strength carved products.

The surface of the resin photo frame has a hand-painted color effect, the appearance of carving is pure hand-made, hand-polished, and so on processes; products for the European classical style, its beauty is now the way to deal with the details is a classic tempered history, There is a rich cultural atmosphere! Set of modern art and antique art and one, ideal for living room, hotel, office and other places to use, that played a decorative effect, but also reflects the owner's elegant taste.

Other materials

Comparison of the four sides made of metal are for aesthetic enhancement.

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