Plastic frame how to maintain

- Jan 10, 2018 -

Modern home improvement, and ultimately, the wall decoration, to the living room wall hanging decorative photos, photo or photo frame to decorate their house beautiful and clean. Nanjing plastic frame manufacturers said that although the wall with plastic frame looks good, but the days do not go to clean up will be filled with dust.

So how should we clean the plastic photo frame? If some of the decoration of the home is precious, how should we maintain the plastic photo frame?

Plastic frame cleaning:

Plastic steel frame is generally clear the dust, you can use a small sweeper to sweep away the dust, for some small gaps or difficult to clean the place with a hair dryer to blow away the dust; if smear stains can be gently wipe with a damp cloth, Stubborn stains can be gently scrape with a knife. Metallic products can take photo prints as a whole to wash, and then dry to dry. Wooden products are not recommended to wash, to avoid corruption.

Plastic frame manufacturers of maintenance:

Take care not to bruise. Dust or dirt on the surface of the frame, just wipe with a soft wet towel wipe. Border for wood products can not be used to wipe wet cloth. Frame hanging position can not be direct sunlight or damp.

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