plastic photo frame

- Feb 11, 2018 -

Plastic photo frame is divided into many kinds, such as PS foam and PVC, PP and other materials injection molding.

Silver plastic plating photo frame

Silver plastic photo frame (2 photos)

  It is an organic matter. Small weight, so you can make a large photo frame, easy to carry. PS picture frame material is a kind of frame material which is heated and formed by PS filler and then attached with film on the surface. This material is light, tough, good strength and less prone to break. Be sure to be careful when shipping. PVC, PP materials, is a kind of mold forming, this material is light, good toughness is better than PS, many styles and processes are PS can not be achieved, and the price is relatively low than the PS. Plastic photo frame also gradually from the previous single photo frame into a one-piece design that is Siamese-style design, Siamese photo frame: the meaning is one, not one by one frame. [1]

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