resin photo frame

- Feb 11, 2018 -

Resin photo frame resin as the main raw material, is a non-toxic environment-friendly chemical raw materials. The finished product has the strength of metal, also known as FRP. Alive

Resin photo frame

Resin photo frame

The resinous raw material is liquid at the time of production. It has very good fluidity and is easy to shape. It is the only material on the market that can produce high-strength carved products.

The surface of the resin photo frame has a hand-painted color effect, the appearance of carved handmade pure hand-polished, and so on processes; products for the European classical style, is a classic tempered by history, there is a rich cultural atmosphere! Set of modern art and antique art and one, ideal for living room, hotel, office and other places to use, that played a decorative effect, but also reflects the owner's elegant taste.

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