Solid wood photo frame how

- Jan 11, 2018 -

A warm home is to require the owner to carefully arrange to create, in addition to the daily needs of furniture, appliances, some small details of decoration is also very important. For example, we often use the photo frame to take pictures of the show, so that we can always remember the moment has been left. So, wood frame is our theme today, take a look at how solid wood photo frame and buy solid wood frame it!

Solid wood photo frame how

Solid wood photo frame is made of wood as raw material photo frame. The common materials are fir, pine, oak, Paulownia, oak and so on. The most commonly used is fir; pine and catalpa wood. General solid wood frame shape rectangular, square, round, heart-shaped, oval and other shaped. Rectangular to the most common. In style, common desktop, vertical, hanging. Small desktop is the most common.

Solid wood photo frame features

The reason why such a popular wood photo frame, because it is not only simple and elegant, but also retro, art, full of pastoral atmosphere, and solid wood photo frame is wild, whether you are living photos or art photos, use it to show, can give You bring fresh and natural feelings, let you indulge in good memories.

Buy solid wood photo frame

In the purchase of solid wood frame first to understand its type, generally divided into two kinds of solid wood painting and wood spray.

Solid wood coating: sawing into a box with precision sawing, photo frame molding, the box will be a layer of gypsum, and then spray a layer of paint. Mainly used for mounted calligraphy, Chinese painting, oil painting and so on.

Solid wood paint: After the molding of the box after repeated grinding fine sand spray primer, and then sandpaper manually polished spray paint.

In the purchase of solid wood photo frame to pay attention to two aspects, a frame thickness of at least 1.8 cm thick, the same two photo frames are solid wood, the price may be a lot of frames, then compare the thickness of the photo frame, many businesses through the Barrier Method To blind the eyes of consumers. Second, there are many types of glass frame, the best selection of quartz glass, because of the clarity of high-definition quartz glass, abrasion resistance, long time is still bright as new, but more fragile quartz glass. Also a place to pay attention to is the photo frame backplane, to check whether the backplane is fully functional, such as hanging the wall, placing the bracket.

Natural wood photo frame, environmental protection and simple and elegant, use it to display photos, is quite good. The above is about how solid wood photo frame and wood photo frame purchase aspects, I hope we can bring some help.

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