The style of the photo wall is based on the venue

- Jan 10, 2018 -

Photo wall diversified design style in line with different home environment, and it can become the cohesion of the family's most warm, most powerful and harmonious elements. So what are the principles that frame wall design needs to follow?

1, living room: substantial, diverse, personalized. The living room in the design of the largest picture frame wall scale, everything that can reflect the beauty of the owner can put it out, substantial, combination, a variety of photos can be displayed. According to the living room size, size, owner hobbies, designers can boldly design adjustments.

2, restaurant: clean, delicious food. A design principle followed by the restaurant is clean, landscaping dining environment, warm paintings, abstract food pictures and family warm, harmonious small photo is a good choice.

3, corridor: guide, small screen display. Corridors and stairs are often used to connect open spaces of public space and privacy, such as from the living room into the bedroom. The longest corridor at home no more than three or four meters, and more narrow. This leads to the perspective can not be extended, the eyes can really focus on the visual center about 30-40 cm, so the design should be less than 40 cm.

4, bedroom: private, warm, soft. The bedroom is completely private space, its role is to make people completely relaxed, fully rest, enjoy the quiet of life. The overall style of the bedroom to be warm, private, soft, but may be some personality, photo wall to wood, painting, soft package design-based, do not use crystal rectangular photos, sharp light may give people a sense of insecurity.

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