What is a photo frame?

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Combination of frames refers to the combination of multiple photo frame, photo frame can be different shape size.

From the structure can be divided into composite photo frame collage frame, combination of photo frame wall and porous photo frame three; from the material can be divided into composite photo frame wood, plastic, PS foam, metal, glass and other models. From the current point of view, a lot of styles of combination of a lot of frames, sale point is also relatively easy to find, usually in the store or stationery shop can find a variety of materials, all kinds of shapes, a variety of different styles of combination photo frame. Here mainly from the structure to introduce the next combination of photo frame classification:

(1) collage photo frame
Collage frame is generally composed of multiple styles of collage frames to form. Combination of the frame with the general material for more: wood, PS foam, metal frame composition. Currently the most common collage frame on the market should be a PS combo frame, because of its more rich shape, to choose from a wide range.

(2) Combination photo frame wall
Frame wall is more popular in recent years, a home decoration means, but also the pursuit of modern fashion and personality of the home improvement practices. Due to its extremely personal style, it is highly arbitrary and thus creates a better visual result.
Combination of photo frame wall usually consists of a variety of single frame put on a variety of shapes, common with wood and foam frame wall.

(3) porous photo frame
Porous combo photo frame refers to a picture frame using a variety of techniques to produce, you can place a photo frame. The more common materials are porous glass photo frame, PVC porous photo frame, porous cardboard photo frame, wooden carved porous photo frame and so on.

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