What kind of material is good for wedding photo studio album?

- Aug 06, 2018 -

What kind of material is good for wedding photo studio album?
Now when we go to the wedding photography store to see a dazzling array of photo products, do you feel that you can't start? Oh, then I will introduce you to the types and purchases of the albums, I hope to help you. In fact, no matter what kind of album, from the structural point of view, it mainly consists of two parts: the cover, the inner page, and the following is to examine whether a photo album is of good quality from the cover and the inner page.
Tools/raw materials
When we got a photo album, the first thing we saw was the cover. At present, the more common cover materials in the wedding photo studio are leather goods, glass, resin crystal, template, ABS. These materials are in compression, oxidation resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Enhanced.
Among them, ABS piano paint book is the most popular, the material can resist pressure and impact, high temperature and low temperature, corrosion resistance, not easy to be aging due to climate and time changes, and the shape is changeable, through piano paint or silver plating process, different color processing The color is more eye-catching, the style is rich, and the products are green and environmentally friendly. I believe most people prefer it.
Followed by leather albums, leather goods are relatively traditional, but leather materials have strong plasticity and elasticity, easy to dye, good ventilation, no static, three-dimensional processing, long-term preservation, but based on leather has such a large Variable space and soft touch, and in line with environmental requirements, has always been among the best in the album cover family, coupled with the continuous updating of the design, making it a hot product in the album cover product.
The glass album is very transparent, beautiful and generous, and the fly in the ointment is slightly cumbersome.
The resin crystal album has a transparent appearance, but it is easy to change color when stored for a long time, and the surface is easily scratched.
The paint painting album process is relatively simple. Through the polishing process, the surface gloss is good and the color is rich. This kind of photo album is relatively common, and the market share is not very high in the market with higher individual requirements.
The choice of the inside page of the wedding album
At present, there are mainly two kinds of inner pages of the integrated molding book, PVC and cardboard. PVC has become the market leader with its good stability, but the paper jam also attracts people with the advantage of environmental protection, regardless of the material used. When selecting, the flatness of the inner page and the quality of the photo paper are important indicators for examining the inner pages.

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