A Tutorial On The Production Of Personality Frame DIY

- Mar 25, 2018 -

Gorgeous ribbon frame. Materials: decorative ribbon, foam board. The foam board cut into what you want to do with the radial irregular wound because of color and shape change, with the pattern of silk ribbon to break the general frame pattern, weakening placed the location of a photo, the photo is more decorative, more active, but also not to lose its usefulness.

Regenerate the golden photo frame. Materials: cardboard, roll paper, small beads, glue and pigment. The gold frames can be made by painting the common frames or using small beads to stick out abstract texture or concrete patterns on traditional wooden photo frames, and apply gold on them.

Fun paper cup frame. Material: paper cup, paper plate, double side glue. Cut out the paper cup, cut it in a strip and paste it into a circular frame. When it is sticky, attention should be paid to ensure the small bottom of the mouth as much as possible so that the pictures inside can look more interesting.

A simple wooden frame. Materials: all kinds of wood leftover materials, glue guns and cardboard. The frame spliced with wooden bars is easy and casual. The wood strips should be cut into corresponding sizes, two long and two short (or according to their hobbies, trimming and shaping), and glue can be fixed on the corresponding size of cardboard (or wooden backboard).

A preserved fresh branch frame. Material: fresh branches, glue, hemp, corrugated paper, wood. Efficient use of plant pruning waste fresh branches, the fresh branches cut into equal length, with fine linen tied, paste in the corrugated paper around the middle as frame, with their own photos to love.

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