A Variety Of Picture Frames Clean Up The Common Sense

- Mar 25, 2018 -

A variety of picture frames clean up the common sense

Frame / frame / frame is generally clean of dust, can use a small brush to sweep away the dust, for some small gaps or is difficult to clean up the place can use the hair dryer to blow away the dust; if the stain can be gently wipe with wet cloth, stubborn stains can be scraped off with a knife gently. The metal product can take the picture off the whole cleaning and dry it. Wooden frame products do not recommend washing to avoid decay.

The photo frames and photo albums taken from them should be avoided from sunlight, so as not to cause photo discoloration or to be placed in damp places, which will cause some paper products to wrinkle and wrinkle. If the places where the frame and photo album are put in a damp and cool place, some desiccant or tobacco can be placed behind the frame. The arrangement of the album should be placed above the dry drawer. It is not easy to put in the bottom of the drawer. It can avoid damp and extrusion.

If the picture frame is hung up, the location should be considered clearly. Like a crystal large size photo frame, it is best not to hang on the head of the bed, just in case, it will cause physical damage, and it can be placed on the left or right wall or on the opposite wall. The head of the bed can be placed in light painting or oil painting or mascot. After hanging up, the best in the photo at the bottom position on the wall two nail nails holding photos, photo is too heavy so as not to fall.

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