Black And White Instead Of Color Photo According To The Big Photo

- Mar 23, 2017 -

Decorative wall with photo wall, is the usual way of home decoration. However, the "photo" wall, now has a new fashion. Instead of color photos with black and white photos, with a small photo for big photos, are alternative decorations.

Black and white: looks cool

Many people have seen the charm of black and white photos in the bar tea house,

May wish to move this idea home, with black and white photo layout of their own bedroom, may receive a multiplier effect. From the overall performance of the effect, black and white photo will bring a sense of nostalgia, a kind of impact on visual effects. In a colorful context, black and white photos but because of its simple color and more eye-catching.

It is cheaper and more expensive to arrange room costs in black and white, as long as what you think makes sense and is relatively easy to make. Black and white photos rarely have the same thing, more able to reflect the individuality of the room owner. If you still have photos of your ancestors, you may wish to reprint them and arrange them on the walls of the living room or study to show the nostalgic mood. However, pay attention to the fact that a single photo can not be put too large or you feel depressed. Also do not want a few photos in a frame, it is best to put a picture in a frame, combined into a picture, it should not hang too clear on the main wall of the place.

If your bedroom wall color is strong, the color photo will undoubtedly be overwhelming influence, then try to make a few black and white photos, the effect will be surprisingly good.

Decorated with idol photos of the room, generally more suitable in study or young people's room, photos can be more or less, more or less. Even if you enlarge the photo to a full wall, it's a different kind.

Small photo: Small are beautiful

In the past, hanging a huge frame on the wall, is very popular. Wedding photographs, not to mention a lot to hang on the bed. Now, hang this big picture, the earth! May wish to try a small photo.

Of course, the photo can not be too small, the length of the frame, usually tens of centimeters. The first decoration method is cool, suitable for artists and single men's home. The life photo, or exquisite landscape photos, or idol photos, with a uniform color mirror frame up, the whole length of the walls covered with a wall. Standing in the distance, this wall magically enriched, like a world full of content. The most strange is that, whatever you put, how the layout, how with, are as good-looking.

Another decoration method is relatively simple. A large wall on the whole, only three or four small photos. At this time, with the most critical. Horizontal and vertical pieces with the match, color, leaflets and group photos with the test of your ability to compose.

If you want to emphasize a proud photo, even if it is a wedding photo, it is entirely possible to hang this wall in a wall. Photo is also the kind of small, the effect is absolutely not worse than the huge bedside. It should be noted at this time, with a suitable frame, enough to make your photos stand out from the background of the wall. If your walls are not white, but light beige, light blue, light purple or other colors, it is even more extreme.

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