China's Frame Manufacturing Layout

- Mar 22, 2017 -

The picture frame industry is a profession with a long history. According to the archaeological research, the earliest record on picture frames in China was "The Royal Dragon Painting" unearthed in the Chu Tomb of the Warring States Period in 1973 in Hunan Province. It has already mentioned the selection of materials for picture frames And the production process. In modern times, with the rise of European civilization, picture frame culture prevailed in continental Europe. From the imperial family to the emerging bourgeoisie and the modern middle class, there was mounting love for oil painting and wall art, forming a Long tradition. Compared with other countries, China basically has the same historical tradition of continuing the millennia. There is not much improvement in frame style and material use. It can be said that it completely inherits the style and techniques of the past dynasties.

Talking about the current domestic frame manufacturing history is actually a reference to the international market, the main reason is that since the reform and opening up, especially since China made 10 years into gold, the domestic frame manufacturing industry has fully penetrated into the international market , Almost 90% of the manufacturing in the country, but the terminal consumption is the main force in the international market. So talking about the domestic frame, photo frame, frame manufacturing, it is bound to involve the needs and effects of the international market.

Since 90s of the 20th century, the distribution of the share of international picture frame, frame picture frame and photo frame manufacturing has been mainly concentrated in countries such as China, South Korea and Mexico. The data show that these three countries account for more than 90% of the global manufacturing share, followed by Southeast Asian countries , Australia and North America, a small part of the local share. The above quotations are based on the number of manufactured products and the volume of international trade. However, in fact, the core design of frames, frames and picture frames is highly concentrated in Europe, especially in Italy and Spain. The design trend of frames, frames and photo frames of various materials is imitated by other manufacturing-oriented countries. Drawing on these core designs from Europe, there is basically no independent research and development, and the more direct point is that Such as custom-based.

The reason for this is that this is directly related to the lack of intellectual property protection for frame designs or the blurring of boundaries between intellectual property rights. It is difficult for trade protection barriers to involve frames, picture frames and picture frame industries as well as paintings Box manufacturing industry still belongs to labor-intensive industries. In the international market competition, the major manufacturing countries headed by China, South Korea and Mexico have also experienced relatively large changes in recent years. That is, the manufactured market share is increasingly concentrated in China. This is not unrelated to the advantages of manufacturing in China. As the capacity of the domestic frame supporting industry becomes more and more concentrated and more and more professional, almost all international buyers turn their purchasing intentions toward China.

As the founding member of China's frame, frame and photo frame manufacturing industry, the Great Wall Industry in Guangdong Province devaluates the Great Wall industry in Guangdong. As early as the 1980s, the Great Wall Frame has covered all major domestic markets. The Great Wall Frame Industry is also the earliest enterprise to enter the US market, Their development has a profound impact on China's picture frame manufacturing industry. As of today, the industry is still one of the most well-known and most profitable enterprises in the industry. Due to the leading role of the Great Wall Picture Frame, Guangdong has become the earliest industrial base for making Chinese picture frames.

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