Choose The Misunderstanding Of The Wedding Photo Frame:

- Mar 11, 2018 -

Choose the misunderstanding of the wedding photo frame:

Is the 1. full version of the album photo album?

Answer: one is a full version of the album, and the full version is not necessarily an integral photo album!

2. full version of the seamless integrated cross page is the album?

Answer: one must be full album version of the full version of seamless spread, seamless spread is not necessarily the one album!

Is each page of the 3. album page very thick is one of the biblical albums?

Answer: one of the biblical albums must be as thick as each page of the album page. The thick of each page of the album page is not necessarily an integrated biblical album. Every page of the book of false biblical books is too thick!

4. photos using the "film technology" is forming one album?

Answer: one album is a "film technology", the "film technology" is not necessarily the integrated album! Ordinary photos can also be used in coating technology!

So where is the key point to distinguish the integrated photo album?

The only truth to confirm the integrated photo album is "never separate". Look at the edges of the albums page and touch the edge with the hand to see if the photos are sticky!

Photo album cover

The cover is divided into: leather books, book cloth, crystal glass books, books, magazines and books. Leather and cloth have to explain; crystal books is the cover sealing surface with a layer of resin or PVC a kind of transparent material, it looks glittering and bright, more luxurious, but easy to scratch; glass volume with organic glass materials cover, needless to say, must be afraid of falling in magazine volume; photo on the cover, with your photo the whole package, a little personality, however, most of the time people said that in addition to book magazine cover photo, also means that the process is manual book, the actual process can also be integrated, but you have to specify the first thing people which is to the.

Albums page

It is divided into cardboard and PVC (plastic) according to the inner page base material. The base version is the album "foundation", the album can't take photos directly binding, is only in a stiff tough material adhesion on the binding of this material, some cardboard, cardboard or with PVC, also divided the producers can only see the various grades and ranks, good heart, the basic situation is to use cardboard use PVC (thicker than the thin soft PVC material), make sure the integrated copies of the so-called manual book is definitely made with cardboard, conversely, cardboard do integrated copies, copies can be manual.

Cross page album (once very careful)

The 1. aspect of terror 30:10, and does not meet the people's perspective. (the best angle for 16:10)

2. is not conducive to watching, look at the head of the album or even the waist from the left to the left of 24 inches long distance to the right, very hard!

3. long and narrow, it is difficult to design the layout into a whole, the layout of pictures like a row of people queuing!

The actual size of the figure on the 4. page is only 8 inches. It's called a 12 inch album, but it's only 8 inches in reality!

5. because the layout of a cross page album is designed to need at least 4-6 photos (in a row), then a photo album is

40-60 photos are required. (usually the vertical edition is only 20-30 pieces), so the photo studio usually attracts customers to choose the horizontal version album for later purchase. Then it says that the photo is not enough, and the customer is paying for it.

Noun interpretation

Cold mounting: it is the use of the pressure of cold mounting film and cold mounting machine to glue the photos and film together, and it has reached the purpose of preventing scratch and moistureproof.

Heat mounting: it is mounted by high temperature and high pressure of heat mounting machine. It is used for crystal production and integrated photo album production.

Finish: refers to the high clarity of the photo!

Her book: General studio to send you two of this album, one of the 18, one of the 12 big, you stay home, small stay in the home, called her book, if 3 copies, a big two small, called a maiden book, a Book of the husband!

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