Color Frame Of Frame

- Mar 04, 2018 -

Color frame of frame

The picture frame is more and more colored and dazzled, but it is easy to choose as long as you are based on the principle of color matching. Of course, the color itself has no meaning, some only people give it. But the color can not unknowingly affect the people's psychology, the emotion of the people, so there are people to all kinds of colors are added to the specific meaning:

Red: strong, festive color, it is easy to make people feel excited, is a strong spiritual embodiment.

Yellow: the highest brightness color, give a person the feeling is very warm feeling, glorious and resplendent!

Green: beautiful, elegant, feeling big and tolerant.

Blue: eternal, big, you can look at the sky! Give people a sense of peace and reason.

Purple: small MM often use this color, giving people a sense of mystery and oppression. A very strange color.

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