Currently Popular Photo Wall Material List

- Mar 31, 2017 -

Solid wood photo frame photo wall

Most photo frame photo wall is solid wood, solid wood photo frame is divided into solid wood painting and wood coating. Solid wood painting, is the box after the fine sandpaper anti-eye polished, and then spray primer, and then manually sandpaper sandpaper, and then painted. Solid wood painting photo wall material generally refers to the board with a precision saw cut into the box, frame molding, the box on a layer of gypsum, after some mold treatment, and then spray a layer of paint to make a different Pattern, this photo wall is relatively heavy, slightly larger photo wall is not suitable for this material.

PS foam photo wall

PS foam photo wall is made of PS lines of the photo wall, for now, the PS photo wall is very environmentally friendly, stylish, you can make a variety of box patterns and patterns for the pursuit of the trend of people choose. This photo wall is very light, can do any size.

Sticker photo wall

The biggest feature of this photo wall is space saving and removability, as long as you choose at home wall you can think of as a photo wall wall, paste the selected photo wall stickers can not only beautify the wall, and do not take up space.

Among these materials to the number of solid wood photo frame photo wall the most popular, and environmental protection will always be the theme of home decoration

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