How can oil painting and picture frame match better

- Jun 25, 2018 -

How can oil painting and picture frame match better?
As an art form introduced into the country from the West, oil painting has gradually melted into the lives of ordinary people. When we are at home, we often use oil paintings as a tool to help decorate the style.
For the oil painting creators who often engage in fine art creation, having a good aesthetic sentiment and aesthetic theories, of course, have some of their own theories for the painting frame of oil painting, which can often be difficult for ordinary people who have not had a good aesthetic theory education. For the decoration of oil paintings for home improvement purposes, frame matching often becomes a failure.
Now we will talk about a single choice from the overall picture to collaborate.
Composition: The architectural composition of oil paintings is quite rich. There are simple single characters as well as complex sceneries. According to the experience of many frame shops, the rich composition of the frame can not be complicated, otherwise it will directly take away the picture. The visual center, on the contrary, a simple composition of the oil painting is relatively broad, both with a simple unpatterned picture frame appears very elegant, but also with a variety of complicated picture frame to highlight the visual center of the picture.
Color: In fact, in terms of color, the change from the experience of installing frames is also complicated, but there is a little oil painting with the same color system, try not to match the color frame-based material. Otherwise, the picture frame and the work are mixed together, and it is difficult to see the effect of the picture frame. If it is necessary to install it, try to add a lining frame to solve the problem that the colors of the two frames are indistinguishable.

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