Decoration industry in the United States

- Jun 25, 2018 -

Decoration industry in the United States
When looking at American movies or TV shows, if you pay attention, you will find families in American families, whether they are black or white, or families who want to borrow money on the weekend, or a well-to-do family with a stable income. I have never seen a family without paintings or photos.
After the American Civil War, many families in the United States created the decoration industry. After commemorating the war, many families installed things such as photographs, maps, banknotes, weapons, etc., resulting in the decoration industry serving the business tyrants from time to time. The range of nobles has entered the homes of ordinary people.
So, in the United States, ART Framing is a big market. It has existed for more than 100 years. There are several companies that operate picture frames and are old stores over 100 years old.
In addition, Americans, in addition to paintings and photographs, also like to decorate meaningful hang-outs such as diplomas, first dollar bills for making business, and medals, and hang them in their homes or offices. Many very ordinary staff will put photos of their family members in the office. Of course, there are doctors, lawyers, and senior officials who have high incomes.
In recent years, the decoration industry in the United States has shrunk, and it has been encroached on products from China, Southeast Asia, and so on. Just like most other traditional industries, products of the US mounting industry will gradually be used by Made in China products. Instead, this is an irresistible trend. However, as part of American traditional culture, the decoration industry will never die.

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