Art of decoration

- Jun 25, 2018 -

Art of decoration
Decoration is a decorative art of Chinese painting and calligraphy. It is divided into three major factions of Beijing, Anhui and Su Shi.
Chinese paintings, especially ink-painting paintings, can't be appreciated without being decorated before the painting is done. Only after careful installation can the famous paintings be easily appreciated, collected, circulated, and radiant.
The quality of a painting and decoration will directly affect the effect of the work. Lu Shih-chih, a Qing dynasty, once said with pain: "The paintings and calligraphy do not meet the pools of famous players. Although they are extremely dilapidated, they would rather hurry to pay for their work. If they are impatient, they will be eliminated." It is evident from the serious consequences of painting and painting.
“People depend on clothes and the Buddha depends on gold.” Beautiful paintings need beautiful coats to decorate and protect. The painter is a person who creates wedding dresses for famous paintings. An ancient painting, even though the degree of damage is quite serious. In the hands of the painter, they can also be brought back to life. This can not but admire the artist's skill.
According to written records, the art of painting in China has a history of at least 1,500 years. The Song Dynasty has developed to a very high level. Later, due to the development of China's calligraphy and painting art, as well as the love and demand of artists and collectors for artistic treasures, coupled with the study and exchange of skilled craftsmen, the art of calligraphy and painting in China has been further improved.
A complete Chinese painting needs to be more beautiful and easy to preserve, disseminate, and collect. It is indispensable for decoration. Because most of the Chinese paintings are painted on fragile rice paper or other items. The installations are also called "suppositories," "filling pools," and "backs," and are unique to China as a kind of technology for protecting and beautifying paintings and inscriptions. Like Western oil paintings, they must be loaded with exquisite frames after completion. Make it possible to achieve a higher artistic beauty.

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