Frame Wall - Hard To Copy Visual Impression

- Jun 25, 2018 -

Frame wall - hard to copy visual impression
Once upon a time, having a camera or printing a photo was still extravagant, so people would pick up the photos they liked and hung up to the most prominent place to enjoy it.
The photo wall carries memories of individuals and beautiful lives. It has become popular in Europe and the United States. However, it is a favorite among young people in China.
The so-called photo wall is the arrangement of more than two photographs or graphic artworks in the same location. The combination method is very particular. The home designer recommends that you first determine the area of the photo group. You can draw a rough outline on the wall with a pencil first. The form can be determined according to personal preference. From the simplest rectangles and diamonds to the heart and stairs can.
For a place where picture frames are arranged, whether there is a living room, an office or a corridor, there is always a blank wall that is not covered by anything. That is the best place for setting up a photo wall. If it is really a small space and all the walls are already full, then the stairs, corners, and the side walls of the corridor can also be the resting point of the photos.
The cost of photographing, production, and printing of photographs is gradually declining, but most people have forgotten them in the machine's memory card or online photo album. This loses the original meaning of the photographs and allows the pleasure of savoring life in them. Disappeared. It is better to rescue those forgotten photographs together and let them be cherished along with paintings, prints, and various graphic artworks to create a display of the world.

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