He Installation Method Of The Frame Wall

- Mar 18, 2018 -

The installation method of the frame wall

A beautiful frame wall is installed on the wall precisely. It needs beautiful photo frames and photos. It also cannot be matched with the invisible hooks and installation drawings. Of course, the effect of each person will be different, so we need skilled installation. (for example)

The installation method of the frame wall

The installation method of the frame wall

1. First, photos or pictures are loaded into a blank frame, and a frame with pictures or photos is prepared.

2, the drawing template is fixed on the wall with the stud nail. After the position is fixed, it is better to use transparent adhesive to avoid displacement. Pay attention to the drawings must be level, can not tilt, the drawings should be as flat as possible and press the wall, do not wrinkle the arch drum.

3, the plastic hook in accordance with the template above the circle nail on the wall, don't let loose, shift drawing hook when hammering.

4, after fixing all the hooks, carefully tear the blueprint, try not to damage it, no drawings, you don't know where to hang, what size picture frame should be hung, hang or hang firmly. Put the drawings on the ground, and you can know where the frame is.

5, hang up all the photo frames, and see where the pictures and photos are. What's the key to do this?

6, confirm the location of picture and photo frame, then check with horizontal level whether the placement of each photo frame is level with the ground level, and it can be adjusted appropriately.

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