How To Choose A Photo Frame

- Sep 15, 2018 -

How to choose a photo frame

Photo frame is the most popular soft decoration method in recent years. Because of the fashion, random combination, it can be changed by the people, but how much do we know about them? Go down and have a look! 1, PV material, polymer material, are all kind of plastic, plastic we all know, intentionally scratched, dull, and over time, become fragile, fragile, fade. Most of the photo frames on the market are now 45 degrees diagonal, which is what I said below.

2, wooden, merchants will write solid wood material. The raw materials of these photo frames are all photo frame strips. There are special manufacturers to produce such photo frame strips. The color of the photo frames are all made from the manufacturers when they are shipped: the photo frame strips are cut into A small frame strip with a fixed length of 45 degrees, the two photo frame strips are fastened with a button on the back side, and then a cardboard jam is placed on the photo frame, and the photo frame back plate is backed up, so that the photo frame is completed. This kind of photo frame is not strong, there are gaps in the four corners, and it is difficult to wipe, and the gap is not wiped when wiping.

3, composite material photo frame: Compared to this, the process of this photo frame is more complicated. The production method: this photo frame is a hand-assembled integrated photo frame, so there will be no gap, it is through the tire, plate, sanding, painting . In four steps, each photo frame is sprayed 5 times with environmentally-friendly paint, and it has to be polished before each painting: it is environmentally friendly, firm, easy to wipe, and has a high grade.

4, solid wood material photo frame This photo frame is the most complicated process. It is cut into the original material of the photo frame by the Russian Pinus sylvestris. After the tire, plate, sanding, painting, each photo frame 5 times environmentally friendly paint, before each painting Polished.

Its characteristics: bright color, clear texture, warm fragrance, anti-corrosion and anti-mite, green


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