How To Choose A Picture Frame With A Wedding Photo Frame

- Mar 11, 2018 -

How to choose wedding photos wedding photo where is the wedding photo, the choice of materials should be first considered. If the wedding photo is placed in the bedroom, the light and warm wooden photo frame is very good. It has a faint smell of wood and fragrance, and a warm feeling that can bring home to people. And the wooden frame is environmentally friendly, and the price is not expensive. The color of the frame can be selected according to the color of the bedroom room. White, yellow, and wood are all good choices. The picture frame in the bedroom is better than the color is too deep. Metal frame is extravagance and a grade, but will not take the tone and bedroom, inadequate coordination, so that the wedding photo in the bedroom, it is best to avoid the choice of metal materials. How to choose wedding photo if it is placed in the living room of the wedding photo, so the material can choose Aluminum Alloy metal photo frame, metal texture unique feel grades, and the living space more spacious, put on the metal frame is more expensive and special color. How to choose the wedding photo of the wedding photo frame in the study room, you can choose the crystal frame to decorate it. Crystal clear and transparent, giving people exquisite aesthetic feeling, very beautiful and the atmosphere of the study is very good. Crystal picture frame is best not too big, small and exquisite is the characteristics of crystal. How to choose the photo frame for the hanging wedding photo frame? The matters needing attention in the display of glass frames must be paid attention to, especially when there are many people on the wedding day, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble. When we hang up large picture frames such as oil painting and crystal, we must pay attention to safety. When hanging two large pendants, we should use expansion screws to hit the wall and hang them. For example, crystal and other heavy objects are not placed on the head of their bedroom, or on the top of their pillows, just in case of falling, resulting in body damage. They can be placed on the left or right wall or on the opposite wall. The head of the bed can be placed in light painting or oil painting or mascot. After hanging up, it is better to pin two nails on the wall at the bottom of the photo to hold the photo so as to avoid the photograph falling too heavy. If the place where the frame is humid and cool, some desiccant or tobacco can be placed behind the frame.

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