How To Choose A Wedding Photo Frame

- Sep 15, 2018 -

How to choose a wedding photo frame

Choose the color of the photo frame

Generally speaking, beautiful romantic wedding photos should not use dark photo frames, which is easy to destroy the fairy tale color of the photos themselves; while the classical wedding photos can not use light or bright colors, otherwise it will make the poems of the wedding photos There is no such thing. Lijiang wedding photography said that in addition to the more common photo style, some newcomers like to have a unique wedding photo, but also consider when choosing a photo frame, don't let the small photo frame destroy the overall effect.

Select the size of the frame

Photographs and photo frames are not as big as possible. Although large photos have a certain visual impact, the exquisite small photos are more intimate. Generally speaking, one or two large photos are enough. Lijiang wedding photography feels that a wedding photo is hanging on the sofa in the living room, or it is pure and beautiful, or hippie funny, or leisurely, which can add some bright spots; In the bedroom, it is best not to use too large photos to avoid the photos falling down and picking up people.

Select the material of the photo frame

The materials on the market are also diverse, wood, crystal, plastic, and metal. Each material has its own photo style. For example, wooden photo frames and metal photo frames are classic and meaningful, and are more suitable for royal classical style photos. Lijiang wedding photography is good for crystal photo frames, which are suitable for indoor scenery photos or wild-style photos. In short, the principle of choosing a photo frame is to adjust the word.

The style of the photo frame should also match the mood of the living room. The European-style Mediterranean style room needs bright and unrestrained colors to dress up. The warm British style requires a light coffee color photo frame to set off.


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