How To Clean And Maintain The Photo Frame

- Aug 19, 2018 -

How to clean and maintain the photo frame
Photo frame / photo frame / picture frame cleaning:
Photo frame / photo frame / picture frame is generally to clean the dust, you can use a small sweep to sweep the dust off, for some small gaps or difficult to clean the place can use the hair dryer to blow away the dust; if stained can be used wet Wipe gently with a rag, and stubborn stains can be gently scraped off with a knife. Metal products can be taken down for cleaning, then dried and dried. Wood products are not recommended for washing to avoid corrosion.
Maintenance of picture frame / photo frame / picture frame:
Take it lightly and take care not to hurt it. Dust or dirt on the surface of the frame, just wring it out with a soft, damp towel. The frame is made of wood and cannot be wiped with a wet cloth. The position where the frame is hung cannot be directly exposed to the sun or damp.

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