How To Make A White Wood Frame

- Mar 25, 2018 -

How to make a white wood frame

The beauty of the surface of a frame depends largely on the quality of the grinding. As we all know, now paint, whether solid wood enterprises or plate frame companies, the most workload and the most concentrated is the grinding workshop, the most problematic is the grinding workshop. It is not too much to say that the tactics of the human sea are not too. Due to the particularity and difference of the material itself, and the processed parts shape and shape difference is also great, plus the sanding equipment limited processing function and cost considerations, there is no good to completely replace the manual sanding way, therefore, we must study how to high quality effectively. To do the manual operation, or the use of Polish pneumatic tools or some simple electric equipment for the.

In addition, the three important factors that affect the yield of wood are the first and the second of the total material consumption, which accounts for about 35% of the total material loss. It can be seen that grinding is not only a problem of quality, but it directly affects the cost of the product. If the method and management are proper, at least 5% cost can be saved.

White wood frame polished (1): sand off the bottom material on the surface of burrs, rust, oil, dust and other porcelain polished wood frame; (2): reduce the workpiece to be painted surface roughness, such as surface scratch putty after drying, the general surface roughness, are required to obtain the surface by grinding smooth; white polished wood frame (3): to enhance the adhesion of the coating. The adhesion of the coating on the smooth surface is poor, and the mechanical adhesion of the coating can be enhanced after grinding.

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