Necessary Measures To Prevent Moisture From The Frame

- Mar 25, 2018 -

Necessary measures to prevent moisture from the frame

The tide will bring these troubles to the frame.

First, the water vapor in the ground will corrode our frame.

In the two season, the ground damp, moisture underground water will cause indoor air rates seriously exceed the standard, living in such a humid environment for our health is influential.

Moisture-proof must be done on the ground and on the cement base of the wall, otherwise it has no effect. And moisture-proof needs to be done before the water is waterproof. This can prevent the waterproofing layer from falling off and bubbling. Moisture-proof requires the selection of professional moistureproof material, not waterproof material.

The moistureproof material must have these characteristics:

First, it has the effect of permanent dampproof. This is a concealed project. If it fails in the last few years, it can not be remedied.

Two, must be environmentally friendly materials, no volatiles, moisture is done on the whole floor of the family, so volatile products can not be used, volatile area is too large.

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