Photo Frame: Record The Story Of Time

- Mar 31, 2017 -

Solid wood photo frame, a simple yet luxurious home accessories, set off a wave of fresh soft installed in the world trend.

Time flies, fleeting. People worship the power of time and are afraid of the passage of time as time goes by. Therefore, they begin to become infatuated with everything that can record time, such as words, such as picture frames, photographs, and images.

Since the invention of the camera by Daguerre in 1839, people have become keen on documenting the images and have become more and more interested in using their "memory of time" to decorate their living space or hang them on walls or in Desk and bedside. There are also equal treatment frame - another time-related objects. Perhaps it is because they have such common ground, so, there are designers will they cleverly combined to design a new home decoration products --- photo wall.

This new solid wood photo frame combination of creative photo wall more solid wood photo frame combination of creative, play each person's wisdom, the breath of wood feels natural and warm. The overall shape of simple and neat, or to different sizes of the box together, or decorated with concise hollow carved, a few handful of vivid hand-painted pattern.

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