Picture Frame Decoration Environment

- Jun 25, 2018 -

Picture frame decoration environment
 There are many types of paintings that can be hung on the wall: Chinese paintings, oil paintings, gouache, prints, pencil drawings, etc. Some people like oil painting and may wish to hang their own work ah, you can also be proud of the photographic work in the picture frame, you can also take pictures of yourself and your family for a warm show.
 The color of the wall is mostly white or light, so choosing the color of the frame mainly considers the color of the environment and the work itself. If the indoor furnishings are dominated by white, the color of the picture frame should not be too deep; in turn, if the interior furnishings are intense in color, it is not appropriate to select the white frame.
 As for the work itself, the color of the frame should be coordinated with it. The contrast should not be too strong. Oil paintings should be selected from a wide picture frame with fluctuating line angles. Watercolour paintings are the opposite. Chinese paintings should not use oil painting frames, but should instead use hardwoods and original Chinese painting frames. Prints, photographs, and other types of paintings can be narrow or wide.
There are many academic questions in the selection of picture frames. From a local point of view, the picture should be made more prominent and more attractive. On the whole, we must decorate the environment to make it more romantic and romantic.

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