Picture Frame Wall Turns Home Into An Art Gallery

- Jun 25, 2018 -

Picture frame wall turns home into an art gallery
The most effective way to enhance artistic temperament in the home is painting, and anyone who likes to collect paintings or love painting knows that painting more than one can make the room chaos. How can the perfect effect be achieved?
Frame color matching:
It is very difficult to have an artistic atmosphere when a frame of exactly the same material, size and color is hung on a wall. Pay attention to the selection of different materials and colors of the frame with each other, the color of the frame to black, white, wood, gold for wild color.
Core color matching:
Black-and-white photographs and black-and-white line drawings or sketches can be used as black and white decorative walls. Occasionally decorated with one or two color painting cores can also play a finishing touch.
The color painting cores should try to choose the same color combination, or a combination of contrasting colors or complementary colors, with the principle of color matching.
Having mastered the above basic principles, we will be able to display a unique frame wall. I hope everyone can try it.

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