Plastic Photo Frame Can Be Divided Into Several Categories

- Apr 03, 2018 -

Plastic photo frame can be divided into several categories

Plastic photo frames are divided into many types, such as PS foam and PVC, PP and other materials injection molding.

Silver plastic plating photo frame

Silver plastic plated photo frame (2 photos)

  It is an organic matter. The weight is so small that it can be made into a large photo frame for easy carrying. The PS frame material is a kind of frame material that is heated and molded at a high temperature with a PS filler and then attached with a film on the surface. This kind of material is light, the toughness is good, the strength is slightly poor, and it is easy to break. When transporting, it must be carefully broken. PVC, PP material, is a mold molding, this material is light, toughness and strength are better than the PS, many styles and processes are PS can not be achieved, and the price is relatively cheaper than the PS. The plastic photo frame also gradually changed from a single photo frame to a one-piece design, ie, a one-piece design. The one-piece photo frame means meaning one, not one picture frame.


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