Popular Home Decoration In Wood Photo Frame

- Jan 02, 2017 -

Solid wood photo frame as the interior furnishings in the Western world has a long history, and Europe and the United States, mostly in the living room, bedroom, dining room, stairs, and even the bathroom, the kitchen hanging various types of solid wood photo frames, and sometimes large and small over a dozen A wall; sometimes a small box, a pot of green leaves, a piece of white gauze, put a corner dress up freshness.

The ancient Chinese literati gentry house also known as the habit of using calligraphy and painting to decorate the hall, and some framed into axis, and some concave pages framed in the ink dot painting, in particular, red sandalwood, pear for the material frame, calm Ning weight , Antique, but also revealed a rich Oriental color.

With the continuous transformation of popular elements, whether it is the decoration style or renovation of the replacement material, but everyone's love of solid wood decoration has not changed. In order to meet the various needs of people for solid wood photo frame, photo frame manufacturers are constantly improving and innovating, and some brought their own works or friends presented works of art, carefully framed, newlywed lovers, there are white hair The old couple, to assemble a happy wedding or golden wedding photos.

In short, whether it is ancient or modern, whether it is the West or China, solid wood photo frame are the home decor never fade popular.

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