Shaoxing Sen Wei Teaches You To Buy A Picture Frame

- May 20, 2018 -

Shaoxing Sen Wei teaches you to buy a picture frame
One, the material of the frame
Solid wood frame is made of solid wood without any other materials.
The method of checking whether it is a solid wood is generally to look at the back of the frame, and you can see the characteristics of the log. If it is the wood color, it can see the real wood characteristics from each side. The characteristics of wood are clear textures and black spots, and good frames are used to preserve the texture of the logs and to remove the black spots. This is a good frame material. This is why the cost of solid wood frames is much higher than that of ordinary plastic frames. But this can not be judged to be a good material, and the moisture content of wood is also crucial, because this involves the life of the frame, the wood with high water content is generally easy to deform and produce insects, and the water content below 12% is the export standard. This is not the case only through fumigation of wood.
Two, the angle of the photo frame is the key to check the quality of the photo frame.
If your photo frame is cracked or angular, it will seriously affect the service life of the photo frame.
Three. The surface of the frame
No scar, no scratches, no garbage.

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