Shopping Tips Creative Photo Frame

- Dec 23, 2018 -

Shopping Tips Creative Photo Frame

1, the thickness of the frame border

At present, the best way to hang a photo frame on the market is to use an invisible hook. The diameter of the invisible hook is only 1.5 mm, and the damage to the wall is small. Therefore, the thickness of the photo frame should be at least 1.8 cm, and the current mainstream is 2 cm thick. Because only the thickness of the photo frame is more than 1.8 cm, hanging on the wall, the photo frame and the wall can be closely attached without gaps, and the ordinary 1 cm thick photo frame will hang up and form a certain angle with the wall. Tilting, it affects the appearance.

2. Is the photo frame quality description complete?

Whether the photo frame is water-based and environmentally friendly, whether it contains harmful substances such as formaldehyde, and whether it meets relevant environmental standards (such as EU environmental standards). In order to ensure the quality of the photo frame, you can see if the store has a description of the paint level. It is ideal for the two primers and a top coat.


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