The Beauty Brought By The New Chinese Frame

- Jun 25, 2018 -

The beauty brought by the new Chinese frame
In recent years, the new Chinese-style home environment has attracted more and more young people. The new Chinese style has continued the concept of home accessories during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, refining the classic elements and simplifying and enriching it, making the furniture more concise. The show is elegant, but at the same time it breaks away from the cultural thoughts such as hierarchy and respect in traditional Chinese space layout, and it is more relaxing and natural in spatial color matching.
The traditional new Chinese-style furniture is mostly made of wooden materials, and the color is mostly imitation of rosewood and rosewood colors. The walls can be either white or white, or you can choose beige, beige or sand for dark brown furniture. The most representative furniture is a coffee table, a floor lamp, a circle chair, a window curtain, a screen, and a moon gate. Green plants are an indispensable element in the new Chinese style. In addition to the foliage plants such as green radish, phoenix, and dripping water, tree bonsai and bonsai are also good choices.
With the popularity of the new Chinese home style, the new Chinese frame is becoming more and more common in major home scenes. It is different from the expensive red sandalwood, rosewood, rosewood, Phoebe, etc., the “Oriental Apollo” launched by Inco Greenwood. The selection of the series is simple and beautiful, and the color of the wood grain is elegant and lifelike. With a variety of calligraphy, painting, hanging screens, bonsai, porcelain, antiques, screens, shelves, and so on, the pursuit of a kind of self-cultivation of the realm of life.
The characteristics of Chinese traditional interior decoration arts are symmetrical and balanced overall layout, and they are sound and upright, and admire natural tastes on decorative details, with flowers, birds, fish and insects carved and full of changes, fully embodying the spirit of traditional Chinese aesthetics. The new Chinese design advocates “removing luxuries and paintings after the event”. From the suggestion of the picture frame selection, it can be used not only for single-selection and installation, but also for double frames to meet the requirements of different mounting dimensions.
The new Chinese style pays attention to the program and emphasizes symmetry, reconciling the indoor ecology with the concept of yin and yang balance. Using natural decorative materials, the combination of five elements of “gold, wood, water, fire, and earth” is used to create a Zen-like rational and peaceful environment.
Most of the new Chinese home environment is dominated by simple and straight lines. The use of linear decoration in space not only reflects the modern people’s pursuit of a simple living, but also caters for Chinese furniture’s pursuit of restrained and rustic design styles. Chinese style is more practical and more modern. In order to match different home environments, Shaoxing Senwei selected different wood color.

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