The Buying Skills Of The Frame Wall

- Mar 18, 2018 -

The buying skills of the frame wall

The thickness of the frame of the 1 frame

Currently on the market the best way is to use stealth photo hanging hook, invisible hook nail on the wall is only 1.5 mm in diameter, the damage is very small, so the thickness of the frame should be at least 1.8 cm above the current mainstream is 2 cm thick, because only frames over 1.8 cm in thickness, hanging on the wall, in order to make the photo and close to the wall, there is no gap, while the average 1 cm thick frame, hang up, and the wall will form a certain angle downward, very beautiful effect.


Pay attention to whether the store's description of the quality of the frame is complete

Whether the frame is water-based environmental paint, whether it contains formaldehyde and other harmful substances, whether it meets the relevant environmental standards (such as the EU environmental protection standards, etc.). In order to ensure the quality of the frame, you can see whether the store shows the paint layer, and the two primer with a top finish is an ideal state.

Back plate of 3 frame

The mainstream is the medium density density board, followed by black paper, beautiful, generous, moisture-proof.

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