The Combo Box - The Rising Star In The Box Industry!

- Jun 25, 2018 -

The combo box - the rising star in the box industry!
Since the development of the picture frame, there have been thousands of models in various colors. Various types of frames have a variety of paintings and photographs. There are a variety of frame types. After experiencing numerous wind and rain, they still stand upright. Even With the rapid development of e-commerce, it is still difficult to be replaced, and even more intensified.
The combo box - the rising star in the box industry!
What is a combo box?
As the name implies, the combo box is an ingenious combination of the outer frame and the inner frame. It is wrapped around the core of the painting to create a more three-dimensional frame style. It is durable and does not rob the picture. It is welcomed by many artists and artists. In the domestic and foreign markets, the combo box is a rising star. A lot of decoration stores will make a variety of matching products for the artist to choose and directly put on their own oil paintings to complete a work.
The color of the combo box?
Black and white gray as a wild color in the art world, naturally the most popular in the combo box. In addition, white wood grain and gray wood grain are more popular, but with the development of e-commerce, more and more colors have been applied to the combo box and they have received very good results, such as various depths. Wood grain, wood grain black and so on.

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