The Development Trend Of The Frame

- May 06, 2018 -

The development trend of the frame:

Photo frames are very demanding and demanding for European and American people. They generally have high quality requirements for photo frames. The demand for photo frames is good in the market, and the photo frame industry in all parts of the world is booming. The frame industry has always been the world in Europe, especially in Italy, but in recent years, after the rise of the photo frame industry between Indonesia and Malaysia, European and American customers have turned to buy goods to these countries.

The global quality wooden frame has a market value of about $800 million a year, especially Italy and Spain, with the largest supply of 30% in the world, 10% in the rest of the European countries, 10% in the United States, 8% in Indonesia, 2% in Malaysia and 10% in the rest of the countries. Taiwan used to be a strong export area for photo frames, ranking one of the top 10 export countries in the world. However, after the upgrading of the factory, all the manufacturers in Taiwan turned around to produce frame bars in Asia. At present, the production of photo frame in China is also booming. Most of the solid wood frame is exported to the European and American countries, especially the country of the photo frame - Weifang, as the national key frame production base, most of which are exported to foreign countries. The products of Weifang Xingpeng photo frame Co., Ltd. are favored by the customers at home and abroad. The reason is the quality is excellent. The service is in place, which is a microcosm of the Shandong photo frame and even the Chinese photo frame.


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