The Frame Is An Industry With A Long History

- Mar 25, 2018 -

The frame is an industry with a long history

Photo industry is the industry with a long history, according to archaeological research, the earliest Chinese on photo records in Hunan in 1973 the Warring States Chu tomb unearthed "Royal Dragon painting" characters, which has been referred to the selection and production process of frame material. Since modern times, with the rise of European civilization, photo frame culture has become popular in the European continent. From royalty to the emerging bourgeoisie and the modern middle class, it has a hobby of mounting and painting, and has formed a long tradition. Compared with foreign countries, China basically continues the millennial historical custom. There is not much improvement in the picture frame style and materials. It can be said that the style and techniques of the past dynasties are completely inherited.

Since 1990s, the international photo frame, photo frame, distribution of manufacturing share mainly concentrated in China, South Korea, Mexico and other countries, the data show that the above mentioned above the share of the global manufacturing share of ninety percent, followed by the Southeast Asian countries, Australia and North American native occupy a small part of the share. The share is the production quantity and the international X trade amounted to reflect, but really let go of manufacturing, photo frame, photo frame, core design is highly concentrated in mainland Europe, especially Italy, Spain and other countries is leading various materials, photo frame, picture frame, photo frame design trends and other manufacturing the country is imitation, referring to those from Europe's core design, there is no independent research and development basically, say a little more direct, is mainly since the OEM based.

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