The Picture Frame In The Bedroom Is Good Or Vertical

- Mar 11, 2018 -

In the bedroom if the photo is a photo on its end is good, two or more transverse better. The main thing is to look at the background of the photo.

The bedroom is also called a bedroom and a sleeping room. It is divided into a main bed and a sleeping room. It is a room for people to sleep, rest or engage in sexual activity. The bedroom is not necessarily a bed, but at least there is a place where people can lie. In some houses, the main bedroom has a subsidiary bathroom. The layout of the bedroom is good or bad, which directly affects people's life, work and study.

The bedroom has become one of the key points of the family decoration design. Therefore, in the design, people first focus on practical, followed by decoration. In geomantic omen, the layout of bedroom is a very important part. The layout of bedroom directly affects the happiness of a family, the harmony of husband and wife, health and many other elements. The good bedroom pattern not only takes into consideration the placement and orientation of the items, the arrangement of the overall hue and the comfort of the bedroom.

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