The Theme Of The Frame Wall

- Mar 18, 2018 -

The choice of the frame wall should be based on the style of the living room and the picture to be suspended, and the key is harmony and unity. 1. Baby photo wall: baby can record every month annual growth equal, let your baby grow up slowly aftertaste childhood memories!

2. Personal photo frame wall: to make a series of personal photos taken in the studio to make a series on the wall, the effect is really good Oh, hurry up the action it!

3. The picture wall of the family photo: all the members of the family, including their relatives and friends, hang on a wall. Your relatives and friends will come to see them.

4. Travel and travel frame wall: to a certain place to travel and travel, must have taken a lot of local photos of local customs and people. It's a good choice to put them together.

5. It is not that famous artists or art photographs are worth hanging on the wall, such as commercial advertisements, children's graffiti, handwriting, beautiful lace or magazines, and even outdoor collection of plant specimens, can become elements of decorative wall.

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