Try To Avoid The Misunderstanding Of The Photo Frame

- Aug 26, 2018 -

Try to avoid the misunderstanding of the photo frame:
1. Is the full version a one-piece photo album?
A: The one-piece photo album must be a full version, and the full version is not necessarily a one-piece photo album!
2. Is the full version of seamless spreads an integrated photo album?
A: The one-piece photo album must be a full-page version of the seamless spread. The full-page version of the seamless spread is not necessarily an integrated photo album!
3. Is every page of the album page thick and is a one-piece Bible photo album?
A: The one-piece Bible album must be thick on each page of the album page. The thick page of the album page is not necessarily a one-piece Bible album! Every page of the "False Bible Book" is also very thick!
4. Does the photo use “filming technology” as a one-piece photo album?
A: One-piece photo album is made of “film coating technology”, and the “film coating technology” is not necessarily an integrated photo album! Ordinary photos can also use laminating technology!
So what is the key point to distinguish one-piece photo albums?
The only truth to confirm the integrated photo album is the feature of "Never Separate"! Look at the edge of the album page with your eyes and touch the edges with your hand to see if the photo is stuck!
Album cover
According to the cover frame, it is divided into: leather book, cloth book, crystal book, glass book, magazine book and so on. There is no need to explain the leather surface and the cloth surface; the crystal book is a surface sealed with a layer of resin or PVC transparent material. It looks bright and bright, but it is easy to scratch; the glass book uses plexiglass. The material cover of the class, needless to say, is definitely afraid of falling; the magazine book is generally used in photo, the cover uses a whole package of your photo, a little personality, but most of the time people say that the magazine book not only indicates that the cover is a photo, but also It means using the manual book process, but it can also be a one-piece process, but you have to specify what you want beforehand.
Album page
According to the inner page of the basic material is divided into: cardboard and PVC (plastic). The base plate is the "foundation" of the photo album. The photo album can't be bound directly by a photo. It can only be attached to a certain kind of tough material and then bound into a book. Some of the materials are jammed and some are used. PVC, cardboard is of course divided into three or six, etc., this can only look at the producer's conscience, the basic situation is that the use of cardboard is thicker than PVC (thin soft), PVC material is definitely one-piece molding The book, the so-called manual book is definitely made of cardboard, on the other hand, the paper-made manual book, one-piece book can be.
Horizontal photo album (I used to be very happy)
1. The aspect ratio reaches the 30:10 ratio of terror, which is not in line with the human perspective. (The best perspective for people is 16:10)
2. It is not conducive to watching, look at the album head and even the waist to be displaced from the leftmost side by a distance of 24 inches to the far right, very difficult!
3. Too narrow and long, the layout design is difficult to integrate into a whole, the photos on the layout will be like a row of people in the queue!
4. The actual size of the photo characters on the layout is only 8 inches! Although it is called a 12-inch photo album, it is only 8 inches!
5. Since a layout of a horizontal photo album requires at least 4-6 photos (in a row), then an album will be
Need 40-60 photos (the vertical version usually only 20-30), so in order to buy more photos in the later stage, the studio will usually entice customers to choose the horizontal photo album, and then say that the photo is not enough, ask customers Buy money in the film!
Explanation of the nouns about photo frames
Cold 裱: It uses the pressure of cold laminating film and cold heading machine to bond the photo and the film together, which has achieved the purpose of preventing scratches and moisture.
Enthusiasm: It is based on the high temperature and high pressure of the hot-press machine to complete the photo decoration, which is generally used for crystal production and integrated photo album production.
Fine: Refer to the photo high definition zoom!
Niangjia book: The general photo studio sends you two photo albums, one for 18, one for 12, the big one for you to stay at home, the small one for the maiden, the maiden book, if it is 3 books, one big two is small, Just call a maiden book, a book of a family!

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