Wedding Photo Where Is The Living Room?

- Jul 30, 2018 -

Wedding photo Where is the living room?
The living room is selected
The living room is the main place to receive guests in the home. The personality of the general owner is reflected in the decoration and arrangement of the living room. The taste of the owner can be seen from bit by bit. The wedding photo is a sign that symbolizes the feelings of the two people. The newcomers whose general feelings are in an explosive state will like to put the wedding photos in the living room. From the perspective of Kansei, the northwest represents the husband, the southwest represents the wife, and the wedding room is hung in the northwest of the living room, representing the husband’s attention to the wife in the family, or the deep feelings of the two.
Similarly, in the southwest, a photo of a two-person married or honeymooner shows more of the resoluteness of the person represented by this direction as a lifelong companion. However, this is only a representation, and it cannot be generalized. After all, each person expresses himself differently.
Life photos can also
It is also possible to put other photos of life without taking a wedding photo. Although the effect of life photos is not as good as the wedding photos, a photo of life after twenty-five years of marriage can still make people see the love of the couple when they get married. Life photos are placed in the family, so that people can always pay attention to each other's information, which invisibly increases the marriage.
Place beautiful ornaments
The northwest and southwest represent marriage, and you can place some items representing beautiful wishes in this position instead of wedding photos. However, some photos of beautiful men and women are still best, let the other half fall in love with others, but instead provoke peaches for each other. However, there is also a saying that if you want your child to have a happy life in the future, he will put a picture of a handsome man and a prostitute in this position in the room, and will also increase the love for his children and seek a good marriage.
Bedside should be placed
Many people like to put wedding photos on the bedside, the bedside represents the mountain, the mountain represents the Ding, the mountain represents the water, the wedding photo is placed on the bedside, and there is a good emotional life between the husband and wife. The wedding photo is placed on the mountain, which means that the two have a lot of money and entanglement in the money, but this also means that the good side represents the deep feelings of the two. The wedding photo can not be placed on the right side of the bed. In the school, the right side is called the "white tiger position", and placing it on this side will be detrimental to the marriage. Wedding photos should be placed on the left side of the bed, that is, "Qinglong", which can make the marriage of the two people blessed and happy.
How do wedding photo frames hang on the wall? Use nails?
When you are given a picture frame, you should ask them two hanging pegs, which are the ones with the ring on the top and the self-tapping pegs below. Screw in the image frame by hand. Then use the nail to fix the upper ring immediately. If you don't understand what I am talking about. You can think about the photo studio, generally give it.
After we booked the wedding photos, there is a 40-inch one, 24 inches, 12 inches, and I heard that the wedding photos are generally only in the bedroom, then how should we hang or put a wedding photo?
On the wall of the 40-inch hanging bed, the 24-inch hanging study room! The remaining three 12-inch can be placed on the shoe cabinet. You can see the sweet look of the two when you go out every day. One can be placed on the desk. Always think of each other, the last one can be placed in the bookcase or on the bed. The wedding photos are mainly in the living room, because it is a public place, the rest of the study is also possible, do not put in the room.

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