What Categories Are There In The Glass Frame

- Apr 20, 2018 -

What categories are there in the glass frame

Sticker glass frame

The sticker glass frame is not really putting the paper on the photo frame. In fact, the printed plastic paper is attached to the transparent glass with a shadowless glue, which solves the shortage of the silk printing process (not to print a colorful and clear problem). Usually, it should be placed under ultraviolet light after sticking, so as to solidify the shadowless gel.

Stereoscopic glass frame

The three-dimensional glass frame, as the name suggests, refers to the frame made of three-dimensional glass. The block glass is a new type of glass with three-dimensional effect made by special technology and high technology. It is characterized by colorful colors, through the abstract, highly metallic lines to outline the three-dimensional animation.

Glass strip frame

The semi circular arc glass bar is a new member of the glass product family. It is mainly used with glass, tile, mosaic and furniture and other products. It can also be used for the mirror frame, frame, edge, stitch and even the use of mosaic. It can be used as the "finishing touch" in decoration. According to its surface effect, arc glass bar can be divided into eight categories: Mirror strip series, stereo series, Yunshan series, transparent color series and baking paint series. Fluorescence series, pearlite series, gold foil series.

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