What Is A Glass Frame

- Mar 04, 2018 -

What is a glass frame

Glass frame is a frame made of glass as the main body. The frame is cut through the whole glass.

Carvings, sandblasting, trimming, painting, polishing and other process processes, the finished color is gorgeous,

Noble and elegant, Ambilight, and practical and creative style in one, unique and rich flavor.

The process of production is: Design - proofing - Sample - fixing - cutting - trimming - Engraving - (Pao Guang) painting - Insurance

Protective layer - backboard - quality inspection - internal packing - outer packing (packing), often used in floatation plate white glass or artificial crystal glass to highlight the technological value.

Aluminum alloy

The surface color of the aluminum alloy frame is treated with electroplating technology. The color is sanding, bright sandblasting, champagne sandblasting, and bright silver.

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